While a fairy has not woken up yet, while all the fables are sleeping in a drawer like warm kitties, while a tired pale makeup man is smoking on a stair and scenery stands in a chaotic mass in the corner and absorbs dust… As long as no one is waiting, no one is asking, no one wants us on the old stage, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about the weather, that it’s raining, the approaching night, about the latest news. About the new dress that you’ve bought, the vintage shoes from your granny that you’ve found in the attic, about the books that you’ve read and the movies you’ve watched.

Let’s talk about the weekend, that it will be surely sunny, and we’ll go to the coast somewhere in Papua New Guinea or to the country house somewhere in Côte d’Ivoire, and I’ll find an old handmade fishing rod, but I’ll not get to the river overgrown with the scrub so that it is impossible to recognize it, and you’ll laugh at me, and I’ll laugh with you.

Let’s steal a half of an hour from this life just to talk.


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