Thank you

Honestly, I don’t like to celebrate holidays, to isolate special days from the general environment of being to forgive or to start, for a handshake or a kiss. Thanksgiving Day is an occasion to confess your feelings, a reason to say your “one and only” someone that he is special, a reason to make a pleasant trifle and arrange a small holiday for two and an occasion to remember that you have someone else besides your significant other who is no less important. Friends, parents or just your favorite lazy cat sprawled on your knees. But if you love and are in love you have this occasion every day in your life. You don’t need Thanksgiving. You don’t need a unique day in this cold November morning to bring breakfast in bed, to present flowers or to prepare a fantastic dinner for all your relatives and friends you love and who shares with you all the years of ups and downs and who’s so familiar in every word, in every trait. Or to tell your friends that they make your life better just by the fact that they are who they are. Or dial a number and say just like that without any purpose and without any reason: “Oh, you know, I love you. Thank you, dear, for each day with you…”

…Thank heavens that life has brought me here, to this point in space and time, where I met you, my beloved, my “one and only”, my hope and support. That life gives me this freedom to do what I wanna do, to be where I wanna be, this endless ocean, this fresh air, this ability to dream…And it’s not like that: if you’ll dream about something specific, it’ll surely come. Every thought is material but it’s embodied differently, not as straightforward as you’d like. The fact is when you dream you create your features, the prototype of a human being you become inevitably.

And thanks that this long thorny path has led me to this coast today. Coast where the time stops, problems recede, life is beautiful and its meaning becomes very obvious and you realize the true value of what you have here and now. Thanks for the opportunity to change myself endlessly, to move, to transform… without looking back at the praises or slanders, for the opportunity not to dry up, not to ossify, not to fly into a rage, for the chance not to lose this great sense of insatiable curiosity and fascination with the world.

I don’t like holidays. But I love to see me and my people happy…


Jacqueline tank by  Brandy Melville

Chiyo top by  Brandy Melville 

Statement making harem pants by Forever21