So, my friends, I promised you a lot of pictures of giraffes. Here they are!

I’m impressed by looking at this animals here and there day after day. Giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial mammal, the largest ruminant and the cutest animal in the world! A giraffe’s legs alone are taller than many humans. And do you know that ancient Romans and Greeks thought that the Giraffe was an unnatural hybrid of a camel and a leopard?  That’s why his scientific Genus name is camelopardalis.

Do you know that Giraffes love to eat onions and have a color vision? They have no tear ducts but they can cry. And they have never been observed bathing (phew!).

Moreover… do you know that male giraffes mate with other males with an extremely high frequency and in many groups homosexual contacts take place even more than the heterosexual?

I can’t stop wondering!

The easiest way to meet with giraffes is to go to The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to feel the magic of communication with these incredible animals for yourself. Visit this place when you’ll arrive to Nairobi necessarily!

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