To run, to move, to catch, to breathe, to live

More, more, more, this hot air, and more, mine, so hot, by touch, to taste, greedy hands grab the white disc, bright light of the sun permanently blinds your eyes, more, faster, mine, soft warm sand, to drink this hot wild air, you, and smells like you, and the ocean, and more, and more, to run, faster, stronger, wet, heatedly, hot, beyond expression, and all this screams in the air, and more, and more, closer, closer, and closer, to breathe, to move, faster, and you, stronger, hotter, to run, mine, more, to hold, to catch, so salty air, everything, everyone, and you, and this air, and the white sand under my feet, all the same, all mine, I want, I want, to run, to run without looking back, carelessly, to scream incoherently, and this light, and you, and he, faster, and she, closer, more, faster, stronger, mine, so bright, this hot sand burns your feet, so dizzy air, screams, whispering, the white disc over my head, the ocean, the white disc on the left, so loud, the white disc on the right, on the left, on the right, over my head, voices, this hot white sand, waves, the ocean. I’m fusing with this rich air, with this endless ocean, with this loud screams, i can’t smell, i can’t see, i can’t breathe, i can’t feel… I’m melting…

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