Wet-collodion magic

This is not just a photo. It is a real magic when everything – from conception to the final result – looks like a religious rite. Оne side of a very clean glass plate is covered with a thin layer of collodion, then dipped in a silver nitrate solution. The plate is exposed to the subject while still wet. The plate is then developed and fixed. The resulting negative, when viewed by reflected light against a black background, appears to be a positive image: the clear areas look black, and the exposed, opaque areas appear light. The exposure time lasted 8 seconds. We spent 8 glasses to get the result. And voila.

Misha Burlatsky is a very sensitive artist. Once he exchanged Moscow to St. Petersburg to create wonders in the most beautiful and elegant city in the world. I love everything he does. It is a great success that he’s my friend and that i can watch how he performs his magic.

dress by Free People

skirt by  Free People

ZARA belt dressed as a necklace

jewelry from Barcelona, India  and by Brandy Melville

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell